Dog Boarding in Los Angeles & Surrounding Cities

Boarding dogs is the best option for their care while you are away. Many veterinarians in the Los Angeles area board dogs and several kennels near LAX specialize in boarding dogs for travelers.

Check out in-home boarding options also. Pet walkers often offer in-home boarding services so your dog can stay home and someone will check on him every day while you are gone.



Moving with Pets?

Make sure their tags and immunizations are up to date for you current home, and ask your vet for records to show as proof when getting tags in your new home.
Update his chip, and put your cell phone number on a new id tag so if your pet goes missing during the move, you can be contacted by phone.


How to Choose a Dog Boarding Kennel

  • Look for clean runs, space to play, especially space to play in both sun and shade.
  • Does the kennel offer cage-free boarding?
  • Will your dog have an individual kennel so she can feel safe?
  • Ask how staff handles doggie disagreements.
  • How long have staff members been at the dog kennel and how much experience do they have with dogs?
  • Is there a veterinarian onsite and if not, which vet does the daycare use in emergencies?
  • What are their drop off and pick up hours? If you are late, what is the late pick up fee?
  • Are they a member of the BBB or Chamber of Commerce? Do they have current business licenses?