Choosing The Right Dog Day care

Daytime care for your dog is important for his or socialization. A bored dog left at home all day can quickly go from loveable companion to nuisance, but the right dog day care will keep both you and your dog healthy and happy.



Dog daycares let your dog:

Play with other dogs in a safe, supervised environment.

Get exercise during the day so she'll sleep at night.

Be pampered with a good grooming so he'll look and smell great when you pick him up.


Five questions to ask your doggie daycare provider

  • Is there space for my dog to run in the sun and rest in the shade outside?
  • How does daycare staff handle doggie disagreements?
  • Can we bring our dog's favorite toys and food?
  • Is there a veterinarian on-site and if not, which vet does the daycare use in emergencies?
  • What are the drop off and pick up hours? If I am late, what is the late pick up fee?
  • Do you board dogs and cats?

Where's the right location for your dog:

  • Close to work so you can walk him at lunch?
  • Close to home so you can see your friends when you pick up and drop off?

Maybe the best option is to choose two or three drop-in dog day cares. One day care for your pet close to where you work in downtown LA and one near your house so you and your dog can meet friends for weekend walks at the neighborhood dog park. Choose a third dog day care as a backup when the other day cares are full.

Responsible Dog Ownership

You can find more information on dog breeds by contacting the American Kennel Club



Kids and Pets

Buying a puppy for your children can be a wonderful gift for the family. Research breeds at the American Kennel Club or find a rescue pup at the animal shelter, but always plan to take obedience training classes. They help your new pet know the rules, but as important, they help you and your kids learn how to reinforce obedience training at home.